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New Paige Press was launched with the goal of bringing happy, fun-to-read stories to children and their families, while weaving subtle but important messages throughout each tale. These messages range from the importance of being a good friend and accepting differences in others, to the power of perseverance and hope. 

All of our books are beautifully designed and printed, and meant to become a treasured part of any children's library, with stunning, full spread artwork and endearing, relatable characters. 

The company was founded by author and entrepreneur Jay Miletsky, who came up with the idea for his first children's book, Ricky, the Rock That Couldn't Roll, while reading to his daughter, Bria Paige, one night before bed. 

Bria has had cerebral palsy from birth, and is still learning to walk and talk. After searching for books that both he and his daughter could relate to, Jay found a startling and disappointing reality: books that focus on highly sensitive issues, such as disability or diversity, are typically heavy-handed and obvious to the point of being ineffective, and too often alienate a wider audience that might be able to learn powerful life lessons while enjoying fun-filled, light-hearted stories.

Seeing a need in the market for children's books that take a more subtle approach to messaging (the literary equivalent to hiding the peas in the mashed potatoes!), Jay launched New Paige Press with the hope of helping to build strong foundations that today's children can grow from. 



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