Authors and Illustrators




Jay Miletsky


Father, entrepreneur, speaker and author, Jay is excited to dive into a new career bringing positive, happy and often silly stories to children and their families. He studied economics at Brandeis University, and currently lives in New Jersey, where his daughter Bria Paige is the inspiration for all of his creative writing endeavors. 



Erin Wozniak


“Erin Wozniak is a creative woman.  She teaches kids about art. She makes paintings, drawing, and stuffed animals, and loves her daughters a lot. She lives with our dad, who she’s married to, and her two creative and funny daughters (us). She is having her first time being an illustrator.  She is liking it.”


- By Erin's daughters, Lana and Elyse (7 and 5 years old)


Luis Peres


Hi ! My name is Luis Peres, I´m 47 years old and I´ve been illustrating professionally for about 20 years now since 1992 always working from the south of Portugal. Over the years I did plenty of children's books, a few board games, posters, prints, logos, my share of school book projects and everything that needed my style of illustration.
Also do some illustration talks now and then when I´m invited to speak about my creative journey.



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