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Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
Do Pebbles Eat Chili?
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Do Pebbles Eat Chili?

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Author: Mr. Jay

Illustrator: Lana Wright

The rocks are back, this time in a wacky collection of lyrically written, single-page stories that will have you laughing, pondering and reading them over and over again!

If you loved Ricky, the Rock that Couldn't Roll and Tess, the Tin that Wanted to Rock, or even if you enjoy short, lyrically written stories, you're going to love these - 26 in all, including:


Some rocks like puppies, and some rocks like fish.
For some, an iguana is their only pet wish. 
Some rocks like kittens, and other like birds.
Some prefer zebras, ‘cause they travel in herds.

They debated all day and all through the night,
about which pet was wrong and which pet was right.
Then onto the hill, and from out of the blue,
came a small baby tiger who’d escaped from the zoo.

There was no more debate, as they firmly agreed,
that this was their pet, and a great pet indeed.
They brushed down her fur, and gave her some food,
and sang her soft songs when she seemed in the mood.

The tiger gave kisses, and rides on her back,
and protected the rocks, in case of attack.

They all loved each other, it was quite plain to see,
as they huddled together in the shade of a tree.

But they started to wonder, as the sun slowly set:
which was the owner, and which was the pet?


So join Marvin, Ricky, Tess and all of their rock and pebble friends (and one wise little ladybug) in a variety of stories that are sometime hilariously outlandish, sometimes thought-provoking, but always a thrill to read. Along with the the rock friends, you'll meet a sleepy purple cow who loves to chat, a group of tux-wearing ducks, a reckless meteor looking for a place to hide, bubble-stealing stones, a pebble who can never get enough... and so much more! Plus, find out the secret meaning of Ricky, the Rock that Couldn't Roll in a special lyrical message directly from the author.

Written by best-selling author Mr. Jay, and illustrated by Lana Wright (who is only 9 years old!), Do Pebbles Eat Chili? combines the rhyme and rhythm of Dr. Seuss, the playfulness or Mo Willems and the spirit and creativity of Shel Silverstein, and is ideal for kids ages 3-11 and grades K-3....and for adults, too!

Kids ages: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

ISBN: 978-1-734-59800-1


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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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